AuditMan improves your internal audit workflows, and eliminates the hassle associated with nonconformances, observations, and opportunities for improvement (OFIs) raised during internal audits and ensures that audit findings are resolved and closed in an efficient and effective way.

AuditMan streamlines internal audit managements by:


Create your own Audit and Inspection Checklist

Use standard checklist provided by AuditAct

Manage your Audit Schedule throughout the year

Define Audit Scope and Criteria for a systematic approach

Run remote or onsite Audits seamlessly

Attach objective evidence to each audit checklist item

Raise findings and follow up through CAPA/NCR

Follow up audits with Auditors and Auditees

1-click Audit Reports generation

Present results to Top Management

Analyse QMS Data (ISO 13485, clause 8.4)

Internal Audits


Plan your annual audits effectively for all quality system processes, define scope and area, audit criteria, and record audit frequency rationale, all in one place! And show it to external auditors!


Whether you use checklists or not, AuditMan makes auditing straightforward, so you can focus on what you are auditing rather than how you do it, on the go, or from your office!

Follow Up

Raise audit findings via CAPA, NCR, or just as actions. Follow up the results of internal audits through to closure and review the effectiveness of actions. Everything streamlined!


Generate a full internal audit report with one click! AuditMan generates reports that include audit items, clauses, objective evidence reviewed, all findings and related actions, audit information, and executive summary. Just one click.


Import audit checklists for your auditors to follow and ensure compliant coverage and consistency. AuditAct provides the most comprehensive audit checklists that are also used by our own auditors and consultants.